BalanceOil, 300 ml

BalanceOil 300ml

En premiumblandning som innehåller naturlig vildfiskolja och är rik på Omega-3 (EPA + DHA), olivpolyfenoler och Vitamin D3. Zinzino BalanceOil hjälper till att skydda cellerna från att rosta (oxideras) och justerar kroppens Omega-6:3-balans samt hjälper till att upprätthålla normal funktion hos hjärna, hjärta och immunförsvar.

  • Synergistic formula that contributes to normal heart2, brain1 and immune3 function
  • Helps maintain good levels of EPA and DHA in your body4
  • Helps maintain optimal Omega-6:3 levels in your body4
  • Helps maintain polyphenol levels in your body to support blood lipids from oxidative stress5
  • Supports healthy and normal eye function since it contains 700 mg DHA7
  • Supports normal blood triglyceride levels8, normal blood pressure9 and normal blood calcium levels10
  • Contributes to normal bones11, muscle function12, normal teeth13 and cell division14 since the daily dosage contains 20 μg Vitamin D3
  • BalanceOil+ is made only from ingredients coming from natural sources. 
Nutritional Valuepr 7.5 ml pr 12 ml
Fish Oil4142 mg6627 mg
Omega-3 Fatty Acids1549 mg2478 mg
Of which is EPA802 mg1283 mg
Of which is DHA427 mg683 mg
Olive oil2557 mg4092 mg
of which oleic acid (Omega-9)1918 mg3069 mg
of which polyphenols2.2 mg3,5 mg
Vitamin D312.6 ug (250 % of RV*)20 ug (400 % of RV*)

* % of reference value

Extra virgin olive oil
The Spanish Picual olive is selected due to its richness in Omega-9 and very high antioxidant content. The olives are of pre-harvest quality and in the process the stones are taken out and only the fruits are cold-pressed, resulting in an extra virgin oil, rich in Omega-9 (Oleic acid) with very high content of antioxidants called polyphenols (above 750 mg/kg5), both with several beneficial effects. The polyphenols protect the BalanceOil+ in the bottle but even more importantly, also your cells.6

Vitamin D3 
BalanceOil+ contains vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). We use a natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) made from lanolin. Lanolin is a naturally occurring fat found in sheep’s wool. The vitamin D is made by dissolving a precursor to vitamin D from the lanolin. It is then chemically altered and activated by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. The chemical process is comparable to the process which occurs in the human skin when it produces vitamin D.

Natural tocopherols
Mixed tocopherols is are commonly used anti-oxidant in dietary supplements. The natural tocopherols used are made from GMO-free, highly refined soybean oil distillates, which undergo further refining and therefore do not contain any soy proteins. This means there are no allergens present. The typical composition is: alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherols.

Fish and olive oil synergy = results
Our scientists formulated BalanceOil+ to combine the Omega-3 with the correct amounts of olive oil that provides Omega-9 and anti-oxidants in extra high amounts. This synergistic combination makes it possible to safely adjust and maintain the Omega-3 in your body to achieve an Omega-6:3 Balance below 3:1.

Proof of balance in 120 days
Our certified laboratories are responsible for analysing the dried blood spot tests for eleven fatty acids in the blood, making our database the worlds largest of its kind. The average Omega-6:3 ratio for people not taking an Omega-3 supplement is 12:1 for Northern Europe, 15:1 for Europe and 25:1 for USA. After taking BalanceOi+ for 120 days, the average ratio is for most people below 3:1.

Brain function
EPA and DHA have approved health claims for maintaining normal brain function1. For pregnant and lactating women, DHA contributes to normal brain development of the fetus and breastfed infants.1 The long-chained Omega-3 fatty acids are important for our health, and for the health of the next generation too.

Heart function
EPA and DHA have approved health claims for heart health. They contribute to the normal function of our hearts.2

The immune system
BalanceOil+ contains vitamin D3, vitally important for the immune system as it contributes to its normal function.3

Oxidation protection
Hydroxytyrosol from olives contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative damage when the daily dose is 5 mg or more.6 Lipids are fat-like substances found in your blood and body tissues, such as cholesterol or triglycerides which are important for our heart health.

Fish oil
The fish oils used in BalanceOil+ products have a strict specification for EPA and DHA that efficiently optimises the Omega-6:3 fatty acid balance in the body within 120 days. The fish oils we use are primarily derived from short-lived, small pelagic fish such as sardines and anchovies. The fish oils are derived from whole, unprocessed fish. The oil goes through a refining process to remove environmental contaminants (if any is present) and is certified as free from heavy metals and other toxins. LYSI, the manufacturer of BalanceOil+, meets all regulatory requirements for production, and follows GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) for food and pharmaceutical products.

Suggested Use: 0,15 ml per kilo body weight. Adjust serving size based on body weight. Adults with body weight 50 kg: 7,5 ml daily. Adults with body weight 80 kg: 12 ml daily. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

Caution: If taking blood-thinning medication, consult your doctor before using BalanceOil+.

Storage: Store unopened bottles in a dark dry place at room temperature or in a refrigerator. Store opened bottles in a refrigerator and use within 45 days. The oil may become cloudy at temperatures lower than 4 °C due to the solidification of the olive oil. The oil will clear at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.